Annokhbah for Training and Development was established in 1418H to provide training for financial management, safety, CPR, and cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation. Starting 1419H, Annokhbah concentrated on management training and specialized management consulting.


Annokhbah is committed to fulfilling the client's needs by providing the following specialized services:

1. Management Training:

   Specialized courses that help develop management skills, such as communication, inspection, planning, sales and marketing. Offered regularly throughout the year, and many be offered upon request.

2. Special Programs:

   provide support through a chain of lectures discussion panels, and services to individuals wishing to develop themselves and their abilities. Specialized trainers offer lectures covering several management topics.

3. Consulting:

   provide consulting services specializing in strategic planning for companies and projects, as well as consulting in designing organizational structures, designing management systems and operations. In addition, Annokhbah offers consulting services in accounting, employment tawseef and analysis studies on traing requirement.


Annokhbah is responsible for the quality of training services it offers. The training team comprised of experts and professionals, linked to institutes, universities, educational associations, and corporations locally and internationally. Annokhbah guarantees that each of its trainers stands out in his field.

Furthermore, Annokhbah understanding of a training portfolio for each course, surpasses the usual malzama handed to the trainee. Annokhbah guarantees the excellence of its methodology, and supports the training with practical applications and creative discussions. In addition, Annokhbah provides the trainee with all the elements required to imporve the training environment. Thus, Annokhbah ensures providing high quality technical equipment, such as lighting, as well as providing seating areas. Moreover, there is constant follow-up on the training program, provided through samples which improve each course. These samples are given to the trainees as well as the trainers. Annokhbah also prepares reports to clients who organized training course for their employees, updating them on the participation level and the commitment of each employee.


Annokhbah training program in the Kingdom experienced a high level of success. More than 3000 trainees joined Annokhbah in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Al-Khobar, Hail, Makkah, Madina, Taif and Abha. Among the trainees were individuals, college students, as well as employees at large corporations and institutions. The vast success encouraged Annokhbah to spread its services globaly. Training program stands out as a unique training and tourism training course. Other countries where Annokhbah provided training were Yemen, the Gulf countries, Malaysia, and Tunisia.


Annokhbah maintains an ongoing communication link with its past clients. It sends its prominent clients to participate in lectures and conferences aborad, on Annokhbah expense. Furthermore, Annokhbah keeps the client constantly updated by sending them the newest programs and courses, as well as educational gifts such as Annokhbah newsletter, and management- related tape recording. Last but not least, Annokhbah contacts its clients on both private and public occasions.

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