• Jeddah: headquarters
  • Khamis Mushait southern region
  • Riyadh: central region
  • The Factory: industrial area in Jeddah


Hydraulic City providers excellent services in all hydraulic and pneumatic systems, such as spare parts, maintenance, and technical support. Additional, Hydraulic City is the Middle Eastern representative and agent to many international corporations, Hydraulic City offers its range or services through the following departments:

  • PUMPS AND CONTROLS DEPARTMENT The department supplies a wide range of pumps and controls of different sizes and features, which serve most industrial and educational applications.

  • SEALS AND CYLINDER DEPARTMENT This department offers maintenance and repair services to all cylinder types. This includes chrome-making, and changing. In regards to seal, the department provides the following: READY SEALS: high quality wool from specialized international companies.

  • PNEUMATICS DEPARTMENT The Pneumatics Department supplies all the parts used in aerial applications, such as controls, valves, and seal sets.

  • CRIMPING MACHINES AND HOSES DEPARTMENT This department provided all types of Hoses (Freon, diesel, hydraulic, air, brakes) from the German company SEMPERIT It also provides German Crimping Machines of the UNIFLEX kind, which are known for their high quality and solidity, as well as a high compressing power up to 240 ton.

  • HYDRAULIC UNITS DEPARTMENT This department specializes in hydaulic constituencies, or hydraulic/pneumatic constituencies. The department also includes a workshop which manufactures, develop, and maintains hydraulic and pneumatic units, according to the client's wish.

  • MAINTENANCE & SPARE PARTS DEPARTMENT Each of the previous departments is supported by a specialized workshop, supervised by highly qualified engineers and technicians. Furthermore, the maintenance departments are equipped with the most advanced technologies that identify the defect, repair it, inspect it, and ensure the machine is functioning optimally.

  • TRAINING DEPARTMENT The training department organizes training courses in the field of hydralic and pneumatic technology, offered by specialized engineers and international experts. The courses open up to the trainees a wealth of information.

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