Al-Madeenah for Comm. Activities Co. was established in 1995. It specializes in commercial and industrial businesses while at all times maintaining rigorous financial controls and balances through experienced staff. Due to such strict policy, the company improved its investments efficiently and profitably, established and maintained a serial of new industrial projects, and extended the existing ones in a very short time. 

Al-Madeenah for Comm. Activities Co. has intensified Its economical research in order to improve its business activities and widen, its interests into other business fields, both as an investor and as a major provider of services. 

Al-Madeenah for Comm. Activities Co. is constantly Strengthening its position in various economic sectors, and forging links with international partners. Presently,
Al-Madeenah Co. works with certified companies worldwide, is connected to major investing companies, industrial and tertiary enterprises, and is an exclusive agent to more than sixty worldwide leading companies.

Al-Madeenah for Comm. Activities Co. is to a variety of initiatives, including doing business in industrial fields, establishing new activities or expanding the present businesses. Additionally, entering into a partnership with ambitious companies represents a significant accomplishment in the effort to modernize our services, which ore expected to be leaders in the field. 

Today, AI-Madeenah Co. has eight independent branches nationwide employing more than 200 specialized employees, and a headquarter based in the city of Jeddah.


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